SOLD -Used Olds Ambassador Bb Trumpet s/n 532523 Just $345



This trumpet has been sold.  This reconditioned and re-lacquered used Olds Ambassador Trumpet has just been reduced to 345 plus $30 shipping.  This Olds Ambassador Trumpet s/n 532523 has been reconditioned and relacquered and is now in a very nice condition.  It was well taken care of by the last owner and had very few dents when I received it.




Olds Ambassador Demo:

It has very good tone and intonation. Many jazz trumpet player in the past and today have selected the Olds Ambassador as their jazz trumpet. Because the horn is made of slightly heavier brass than today’s newer trumpets, these trumpets are very popular for marching band use. Used Case and used 7C Mouthpiece are included.

Reconditioning consists of:

  • removal of all dents and dings
  • resoldering of loose braces
  • Ultrasonic chemically cleaning inside and out
  • stripping of old lacquer
  • buffing and relacquering
  • cleaning and polishing of valves and valve casing
  • realigning valves
  • replacing valve springs, corks and pads, as required
  • replacing waterkey corks
  • freeing and greasing all slides
  • play testing to ensure valve action is smooth and crisp, and that good tone and correct intonation is obtainable.




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F. E. Olds & Sons
Serial Number Year Manufactured — Serial Number Year Manufactured
250000 July 1958 — 300000 Sept.1959
350000 June 1960 — 400000 March 1962
450000 Feb. 1964 — 500000 Feb. 1965
550000 June 1966 — 600000 June 1967
650000 June 1968 — 700000 June 1969
750000 June 1971 — 800000 June 1972