SOLD -Used Olds Ambassador Bb Trumpet s/n 532523 Just $345

    This trumpet has been sold.  This reconditioned and re-lacquered used Olds Ambassador Trumpet has just been reduced to 345 plus $30 shipping.  This Olds Ambassador Trumpet s/n 532523 has been reconditioned and relacquered and is now in a very nice condition.  It was well… Read More

Olds Ambassadors Sold Here

Whether you refer to it as a student trumpet, used trumpet, or intermediate trumpet, the vintage Olds Ambassador trumpet from the old F.E. Olds & Sons company is a well-designed trumpet. Ask an old trumpet player about the Olds Ambassador and he probably played one… Read More

F.E. Olds & Son, Inc. – A Short History

The F.E. Olds name may not be familiar to you. The company that makes the student horn, the Olds Ambassador, went out-of-business 30 years ago. (A Westfield, NJ company now has the rights to the F.E. Olds name. ) Here’s a brief history. Frank Ellsworth… Read More

Not Just Any Olds Ambassadors Trumpet…

Olds Ambassadors, made by F.E. Olds and Sons, are a great student trumpet. However, beware of just any Olds Ambassador. Some serial numbers are more collectible than others, so check out Alan Rouse’s excellent website and his list of olds ambassador serial numbers. Even if… Read More