Are there different ‘weights’ in valve oil?

Yes. Just like automotive engine oil, trumpet valve oil comes in different viscosities, although their is no official rating system and therefore no easy way to tell by looking at the package if one oil is heavier than another. So, you may find differences in… Read More

What is the correct way to oil trumpet valves?

How to Oil Trumpet Valves NAPBIRT, the National Association of Professional Band Instrument Repair Technicians, has produced an excellent video on the correct way to oil the piston valves on a trumpet. The video addresses these questions. How often should you oil the valves in… Read More

Do trumpet manufacturers recommend a particular valve oil?

Some manufacturers issue valve oil with their trumpets. These valve oils can be obtained from Amazon. So, for example, you can use ‘Bach Valve Oil’ with your Bach trumpet, it is available. Trumpet valve oil is frequently lost. The containers are small and it is… Read More

Trumpet Valve Oil – Conn Valve Oil

This is a small, 1.6 oz bottle, of C.G. Conn Valve Oil. This is a petroleum-based valve oil with a light-weight viscosity. It is clear with a mild scent. This light weight trumpet valve oil is suitable for new trumpets with close-tolerance valves. It provides… Read More

Trumpet Valve Oil – Fat Cat Valve Oil (Standard)

Fat Cat Valve Oil is a non-toxic and non-flammable valve oil that has no odor. It is suitable for all brass instruments. Fat Cat Valve Oil is manufactured in Manhattan and it is one of the few valve oils that actually has has its own… Read More

Trumpet Valve Oil – Giardinelli Valve Oil and Slide Grease

Giardinelli Premium Valve Oil is a petroleum-based trumpet valve oil with a yellow-green color. It is safe for all metal surfaces and provides lubrication and protection. For slides, slide grease should be used. Giardinelli trumpet slide grease is made-in-the-USA. It is a multi-purpose trumpet slide… Read More

Trumpet Valve Oil – Holton Valve Oil

Holton Original Formula Valve Oil Holton Valve Oil dates back to 1907 and was originally associated with the Holton company, a manufacturer of trumpets and other musical instruments. So, if you have a Holton trumpet, perhaps you will want to try Holton Premium Valve Oil.… Read More

Trumpet Valve Oil – Lynzoil Valve Oil

  Lynzoil was formulated by Lynn Nicholson, an alumnus of the Maynard Ferguson Big Band. This is a light-weight valve oil for fast valve action, but it is also long-lasting. It is clear with a pleasant scent. This valve oil was marketed by the Bach… Read More

Trumpet Valve Oil – Ravel Trumpet Care Kit has put together a trumpet care kit consisting of valve oil, slide grease, brushes and polishing cloths. Ravel Valve Oil is a clear petroleum-distillate based valve oil with a mild odor. Their brushes may come in handy when cleaning the nooks and crannies of… Read More