SOLD Silver Bach Omega Trumpet (MG290 Bb)

This trumpet has been sold. Bach Omega Trumpet .  Buy It today for just $800 plus $35 shipping Many people including me often tell parents of advanced students “don’t buy an Intermediate trumpet buy a top level student horn or a professional horn because the… Read More

SOLD -Used Olds Ambassador Bb Trumpet s/n 532523 Just $345

    This trumpet has been sold.  This reconditioned and re-lacquered used Olds Ambassador Trumpet has just been reduced to 345 plus $30 shipping.  This Olds Ambassador Trumpet s/n 532523 has been reconditioned and relacquered and is now in a very nice condition.  It was well… Read More

SOLD Used Yamaha YTR2320 $195 plus $25 Shipping

This trumpet has been sold. This Yamaha YTR2320 Bb Trumpet is student trumpet that has been reconditioned and re-lacquered and is in a nice condition.  Yamaha has been making quality trumpets for years and this horn plays great and is easy to play with nice tone… Read More