In May of 2015, I retired from Crone Trumpet Repair and Sales and now only work on my own trumpets that I buy mainly from Music Stores and Pawn shops and offer for sale on this website and eBay.

Retired Ralph prices are cheaper because of the lower overhead and do not include the eBay seller fees.  I continue to sell numerous used trumpets to satisfied customers in all of the 50 U.S. States.  As a small, internet only shop, I enjoy giving our customers as much personal attention as possible.

I started playing the trumpet when I was in the fifth grade, played professional for a couple of years after high school, and then played in the US Navy Great Lakes Drum and Bugle Corps. After the Navy I continued to play just for my own enjoyment.

In 1999 I started Crone Trumpet Repair and Sales and joined NAPBIRT the National Association of Professional Band Insturment Repair Technicians. I attended several of their classes, convention workshops and repair seminars on trumpet repair including valve repair and alignment, trumpet overhauls, ultrasonic cleaning, buffing and lacquering and correct use of the Ferree’s Dent Machine for dent removal and bell straightening. I still have and continue to use the Ferree’s Dent Machine and all the special trumpet tools acquired over 15 years in the trumpet repair business. 

All my Trumpets are Re-lacquered and Ready to Play1

During my 15-years experience, I reconditioned and re-lacquered an averaged of 100 trumpets a year.

Making an important purchase through the internet may be a new experience for you. We appreciate your concerns. We maximize your opportunity to become another satisfied customer through the use of my money-back guarantee.

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